Welcome to SPRACHwerk!

SPRACHwerk was founded in 2005 in the idyllic Fachwerkhof (or “Half-timbered courtyard”) in Kreuzberg’s Bergmannstraße neighborhood. Unlike conventional language schools, which rely on textbooks or third-party materials as the focus of the lessons, we specialize in one-on-one instruction and use a unique approach based on active speech production followed by a detailed written error analysis. Our philosophy is based on two fundamental principles:

  • That the best way to learn a language is by actively speaking it;
  • That the best time to learn any particular element of vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation is when you require it for your own language production.

We specialize in individualized language training for school, work, travel, and preparation for the Abitur and other state-administered exams.

Please use the links at the top of the page to learn more about our unique teaching method and course offerings, or contact us directly for more information.